Psychotherapy and Mediation Services

At The Legacy Center, we learn who you are, develop a relationship, help you identify your wounds and developmental delays caused by trauma, and use psychotherapy, workshops and self care to heal and get your life back. We all experience some trauma in our life, either from childhood or adulthood. Resilience from our wounds helps us survive, however, the coping strategies that worked for a while often times are not useful in the long term. We work with you to help you find the awareness and self-care needed for long term personal growth and life satisfaction. We will help you remove your own self-imposed limits based on your trauma history. We don't know our own capacity to experience our fullest self until we release the trauma and unlock our fullest self.

The Legacy Center offers a broad range of services and a unique treatment philosophy to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. The Center's approach to therapy is distinctive in four ways:

Innovative, full spectrum services

The Legacy Center offers one of the most comprehensive continuums of service in the region, including individual, couple, and group psychotherapy; and 3, 4 and 5-day intensive workshops.

Getting to the roots

Addressing surface behaviors alone produces short-term relief at the expense of long-term change. It's essential to help the client identify the root causes that created the behaviors. This involves exploring and reducing carried pain from the past.

Compassionate, shame-free environment

It's important that clients feel safe, respected, and non-judged. In particular, recovering addicts are not seen as bad people who need to become good, but rather wounded people who need to become well.

Co-morbidity/dual diagnosis disorders

The Legacy clinical team is experienced in working with clients who have been diagnosed with both an addiction and one or more mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or Bi-Polar Disorder.

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